Thursday, September 6, 2012

Your Tuesday Freebie, lol...

So, as you may or may not know, my husband recently (like over the weekend recently) built me a new computer. It has upgrades in a LOT of programs, including the operating system and in my Photoshop as well as Illustrator and ACDSee... This has left me in an interesting situation because I know how to do a lot of things with these programs, but I also have no idea how to work within the confines of the new systems in any way that they have made changes to them. Needless to say, I've been bumbling around with it.

I wanted to join the design contest at the Studio, it looked like fun. The only scary part is that the deadline was super fast after the challenge was posted. It was posted on the 1st of September, with entries due at midnight, EST on the 5th. That's not a lot of time anyway, and then to add I didn't know how to get around on my new rig... Well, it was slower process than I would have figured.

But, I did it!! I got my piece done!! And, here it is for you to enjoy:

Contest rules say I am only allowed to put the link in the gallery where the preview is posted!! So, CLICK HERE TO HEAD ON OVER TO MY PREVIEW to grab the download! It's still a direct download for you! I've been enjoying looking at and downloading all the other entries! I'm finished with the first two pages and all the links are working like a charm. A few are direct downloads but the rest are 4shared, mediafire, and box... But, those sites are all cooperating nicely with me today, and I've been able to get all the pieces on the first two pages so far! I'll be getting the rest before the links go away too.

Contest requirement is that the links stay up until Sept 9, but the request is that they be up for all of September. So, I'll leave mine up for you to grab it any time!! :D

I hope you are having a great day and such! I am going to be out of the office tomorrow, but I will post a freebie (maybe a quickpage or alpha or something) before I go!!


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