Thursday, July 10, 2008

Only 10 left!!

See, I promised myself I wouldn't make any more layout until I had put all my layouts on this blog!! Reason being, I am eventually going to get some business on my Scrap 4 Hire store, it's going to happen, I'm sure of it!! AND, I want to be able to link the site to my blog with a little, "See my most recent layouts here" kind of thing... But, I can't do that until all my pages are here... Plus, who wants to tell their family, "oh you can see 1 or 2 of my layouts on my blog", lol...

SO, here I am dredging through them all and adding them to this page. It's actually been kind of fun, because it gives me a chance to look back at some of the older stuff I have done and think about how I would do it differently now if I were to redo it. I can see areas where I have totally grown as a scrapper, and it is kind of exciting to see that.

It took me a long time to find a good outlet for my craziness but it seems scrapbooking is it!! :D Well, there's painting and drawing too... I think Chris would like to see me do more of those things too, lol... Actually, I bet if you asked him, he'd tell you that he wants to see me doing more stand up comedy. I did a small set at the Family Reunion last weekend, and everyone seemed to really enjoy it!! :D

Well, I just added this link to my sig today, so if you aren't me and you are seeing this, it is very likely that you are my first visitor ever!! Isn't that kewl??


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