Thursday, July 10, 2008

Wild Rivers Elijah!!

I had a great time making this page to commemorate our trip to Wild Rivers last summer for my best friend's son, Elijah!!

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Products Used:
Sketch by Rachel G at Polka Dot Potato
Tile Paper from Crafty Kid by Kim Crothers
Blue Paper from Naiads & Oceanids by MicroFerk Designs
Staple from Cooties by Lucky Smith
Orange Star Swirlie thing, green ribbon colored, green/orange glitter blobs from Zazzle at Elemental Scraps
Glitter Swirls from Beach Towel by Leah Nicole
Crackle Overlay from Grunge Crackle by NetMaus
Lighthearted Alpha by Amy Blesser!!


Journaling reads...
We went to Wild Rivers with Edith, her sisters, their kids, Sarah, Chris, Ashley, and Rachel! It was my first time at a water park and I took to it swimmingly! We spent our whole day floating in inner tubes going around in circles, and that was perfectly fine with all of us! I especially had fun telling Mommy and Sarah the names of all the colors of the pipes when we floated under them! It was super fun to hear about all the slides that Daddy and Chris went on together! They had almost as much fun as we did!

This layout was completed May 19,2008!


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