Friday, July 11, 2008

Doing Chores!!

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Journaling reads: There is really nothing like coming into the kitchen and finding your two girls hard at work doing the dishes together. It warms a mother's heart. And, sometimes if she happens to have a camera nearby and her daughters happen to get silly and start throwing water and bubbles all over the kitchen at each other, she can have a sense of humor about it and just snap some great pictures. Because at the end of it all, at least they're doing their chores!

Template from Magic By Amanda Lee (I'm sure she can only barely recognize it, I did a LOT of rotating, duplicating, and stuff to it, lol)
bubble brushes by Hawksmont
Everything else from Childsplay, which I got from NDISB's NSD scavenger hunt.

This layout was completed May 3, 2008!


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