Friday, July 11, 2008

Little Angels and Funky Town!!

I did both of these pages for the Evitangel call! They were to promote the free kit she was giving away on her blog! Doesn't matter though, the kit is superb and the pages turned out so cute!! I will definitely use this page in Rachel's book, and Ashley loves her page too!! :D That's a cool thing about scrapbooking! Even when you don't get chosen, you still have super cute scrap pages to show for your effort!! :D

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Journaling Reads:
At your school, they had a big western themed carnival each year! We had so much fun dressing you up in western clothes and hanging out with all your friends from school, especially Michael! He was such a good friend for you because he was just as tough as you were! YOU were VERY Tough! You were always tall and strong for your age so you had a tendency to knock the smaller kids down without meaning to. You and Michael would knock each other down, help each other up, dust each other off, and keep right on going! You guys were great friends and in the same class for 1st and 2nd grade! You still keep in touch with Michael all these years later!

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Journaling Reads:
Well, it was that time again and we were dying your hair to a new shade of wonderful. Unfortunately, the shade on your head sure didn't match the shade on the box. You freaked out! It was so funny to see your reaction to having this crazy bright orange hair! You didn't waste any time in doing it again and before you went to bed, it was a "normal" color! But, we immortalized the orange hair in pictures forever!

Everything you see here is from Nathy's Little Heaven by Cinnamon Designs!

These layouts were completed on June 13, 2008!


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