Thursday, June 26, 2008

Forever Young

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When I made this page, I was so proud of myself, lol... It was my first page with no template at all, SO, for that, I suppose I should be proud. When I look at it now, it just looks thrown together, haphazard and fast to me. SO, I'm posting it because it is part of my journey, but you can bet there will be more pages about my mother, celebrating her life. Of course, she was the first thing that came to mind when I saw the word art for the challenge. She died at the very young age of 50. SO, in my heart and memories (and those of anyone who knew her really) she will always be Forever Young!

I used the word art which was posted for the challenge by Yvonne LV Busdeker at Polka Dot Potato
I made the rest with commercial use actions by Colleen Shibley and Maria Warner. I don't think Colleen Shibley is selling her stuff anymore... I can't find a link for her. She used to sell at Gotta Pixel and Commercial Use, but Commercial use is down right now, so I'll have to check there later!

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