Thursday, June 26, 2008

Crazy Blog Lady!!

Well!! I wanted to make a blog for my scrapbooking endeavors! SO, I did it, and this is it!! But, I also wanted to post all my scrapbooking pages here in one place where they could be viewed. I have a number of pages already done, so what I am doing is trying to add about 5 pages a day to this blog until I get them all done! I'm linking up all my sources, the stores I shop at and the items that I've bought so you can get them too if you'd like!!

Eventually, I'll get all caught up and I can just add pages as I create them, lol... For now, I'm having a fun time going back through them and giving my thoughts on the different pages...

Up next is my journey through the Amazing DigiScrap Race, with my Partner Linda!! :D


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