Monday, February 11, 2008

Dang, I'm not keeping up, am I?


I feel like a blog neglector, but I don't want to be... I want to be that girl who is blogging all the time, lol...

Ok... SO, there's been some stuff added to AliSarah!! Especially, since I last wrote, 2 new sets in the AliSarah Design Club, 2 Hearts, and Dog Days:

And, I have added some stuff to the store:

In freebie land, I have added this to the store:
Image Hosted by
By sarahfortef at 2008-02-05

And, in case anyone is reading this... Here's an exclusive share... An SOE from the Pretty SOE pack that didn't make it in, it was the original color of this wrapper before I started recoloring it like mad!! :D
You can get it here!!

Yeah, I guess that's it... It's my week for the design club and on Thursday, I am heading to Utah to spend some quality time with my in-laws and all the related family members!! We are really looking forward to the trip!! :D

Huggles all!!

p.s. AND, my business cards came, YAY!! :D

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