Thursday, February 14, 2008


What a couple of days, What a couple of days!!

All day yesterday, I couldn't decide what to make for my design club set. I held a contest for the Club Members and Melinda won the contest, inspiring me to make this set:

It's like a boyfriend for my Girly Skulls set, lol...

I stayed up even later last night to make some Valentines for my daughter's school, they turned out super cool!! :D

I adore how they look!! Graphics by Gina Jane at DaisieCo.

Then, I got up early and made a Gallon Sized Gift Set for a customer who is coming to pick it up later today! What a sweet guy to buy all this for his lady love!!

I am also posting some freebies here for you:
This is a Valentine mini-set for Boys and tomboys! It is just a few pieces, SOE, minis, and toppers. But, you can make a pretty nice last minute Valentine with just those pieces!! :D

But, if you are just in love with the paper, I figure you can have that too!!

Yep, I think that is about it!! Whew!! I am so productive!!

I am going to Utah until the 19th, so there won't be any posts till I get back probably!! Have a great 5 days!! :D


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