Sunday, April 2, 2017

No, she didn't...

No, she did not just come back to her blog after 3 years and just post something... Or, maybe she did. Why do I get these weird hairs sometimes to be a blogger after spending so much time not having been a blogger? I don't know, I don't understand it myself...

Either way, as everyone pretty much knows, I haven't been designing. I haven't really been scrapping much either. But, I recently took part in the Month Of Challenges at the Lilypad, and I really liked it so much! And, I made a ton of great new layouts! And, I thought I would share them here, which led to me being inspired to change the design of my blog...

For whatever reason, I was super inspired by a kind of greyscale look. My layouts generally have tons of color on them, so I feel like it would be a neat complement to have the layouts bring the colors and the design just be kind of a cool black, white and grey kind of deal... Plus, my new avatar is a black and white photo of myself that I'm just in love with, so I let it pull me in this direction...

So, here come the layouts. I'm going to share the layouts I have done for the MOC and the challenges I've done for the next couple months 3-5 at a time and see if I can get back into the habit of blogging some stuff. On a personal note, we have moved into a giant 6 bedroom house that is old and needed/needs so much work. One room at a time, we have turned it into what we want it to be, but we have some rooms to go for sure. All of this we did to become foster/adopt parents! Then, when we had almost made it to the finish line, our son was diagnosed with autism. So, we kept moving forward, but we move forward with Speech, Occupational, and ABA therapies in our schedule!!

A couple weeks ago, we got our first foster placement. I'm calling him Squirt and he's 9 years old! He is getting along very well with the rest of the family and we are very much enjoying having him around, except for when we aren't because he's a 9 year old boy! If it were up to him, we'd spend every day playing video games and eating at Chuck E Cheese's. You can imagine that when we don't do that, he tries his best to protest in a way that will make us miserable. He's pretty good at it! He's also good at Math! He doesn't like going to school or doing homework everyday, but he is doing both of those things with a mostly reasonable level of complaints!!

The layouts:

MOC Day 1 "Brought to you by" Needed to have 10 sentences of Journaling and feature a letter. I used Big Alphabet Templates by Scrapping With Liz, Nose In A Book by Bella Gypsy, Different Not Less by Traci Reed, and the font is Segoe Print.

MOC Day 2 "2016 Year In Review"  At least 1 sentence of Journaling and make a year in review layout. I used Number Templates by Scrapping With Liz and the Lilypad collab Things That Matter Most!

MOC Day 3 "Template Challenge" I used the prescribed template as well as the Lilypad collab Of Wishes, Hopes, and Dreams.

MOC Day 4 "Styling Challenge" Use layer styles to change your title into something cool. I used Simple Photos and Waves by Scrapping With Liz, Things That Matter Most, and Styles by Mommyish. This is actually the left of a 2 page layout... :D

MOC Day 5 "ATC Card" I used After the Rain, a Lilypad collab to create this.

So, I will get the new layouts posted bit by bit. I am trying to become a prolific scrapper again!! It's going to happen!! ;)


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