Sunday, April 9, 2017

Let's see some more layouts, shall we??

Well, it's been a couple days but I have come back again to share 5 more of the MOC5 layout collection!! I have been trying to get back into the swing of things, especially with getting some scrapbooking done, since our household grew by one 9 year old I'm calling Squirt! His addition has made our house a louder place for sure! But, I wouldn't trade our time with him for anything! We are learning so much about ourselves! It's good stuff!!

Anyhow, here's 5 more layouts!

MOC5 day 16, Create a layout with little to no words that tells a story. I chose to tell the story of how much my son Curtis loves his Occupational Therapist, Kevin! He gazes at him with adoration the likes of which he usually saves for his Mommy only! It makes me so happy to know that he loves his therapists and that we have chosen people he likes for him to work with!

MOC5 day 17, This layout was to be inspired by a photo they showed us. It had a vintage feel with a wood look background. It was top heavy, but I rotated it to the side heavy feel you see here! This is my daughter Rachel at wedding with my biological father. This was the only time I saw him that I am able to remember, so this photo is incredibly special to me.

MOC5 day 18. The challenge was to scraplift from a specific person's gallery. This is a pretty close scraplift but I still really love how it turned out!

MOC5 day 19. The challenge was to scrap a list of at least 5 items. I decided to go big with 10 pretty awesome things I did in 2016! I love how it turned out and how motivated it makes me feel to keep going with doing awesome things in 2017!! 

MOC5 day 20. The challenge was to use a photo you would not normally scrap because the photo itself isn't perfect. I chose this photo, which I love but which I usually would not choose to scrap because the picture is overblown and a little blurry. I love that you can see my husband and son really taking a moment to get to know each other! It melts my mommy heart!! 

So, there you go, 5 more layouts and another blog post!! :D Woot! On Tuesday, they start ripping out the floor in my playroom... Then, Sunday is Easter! I'm planning my first ever egg hunt for the kiddos!! It should be exciting!! :D 


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