Monday, February 4, 2013

~*~ Maternity Monday ~*~

Wow! 29 weeks along... 8-12 weeks to go! It's all going super fast these days! Baby is growing like a weed, and kicking up a storm! I'm still right at or pretty close to my pound a week goal... So, I feel good about that. I'm starting to walk funny not because I have to but just because it's so much more comfortable, lol... I sang at church with Rachel this weekend and probably won't be able to do that for much longer! It was tougher than I remember. But, I think I'm in the part of the pregnancy where even though I don't have the smoothest smooth bump, people can tell I'm pregnant and not just putting some weight on...

I've been having some back spasms, and they are getting quite bothersome. Before now, if I got one a week, it was unusual. But, I've been having 2 or 3 a day for the last few days, with the exception of Sunday, when I didn't have any. Maybe the crampy misery that was standing for a long time singing did something to ward off the spasms. Or, maybe the cramping on the stage was my spasm for the day. But, I'm definitely going to have to mention it to dr. gynie either way...

Rachel's got her Sing A Thon this weekend, so that will be some work, but a lot of fun I think... And, she's been getting envelopes in the mail from sponsors, which is so amazing!! She sent letters and photos out asking friends and family to sponsor her in the Sing A Thon, and it is really paying off! It's so amazing because the trip will cost $1200.00 per student, and every little bit people send in to sponsor her helps get her to New Orleans!! 
One fun thing I have learned on the internet lately is that Flergs and I are both going to have baby boys in the same month!! That's pretty groovy in my opinion, especially since she is one of the most awesome designers out there!! 
 Anyhow, happy Monday! I have a freebie ready for you tomorrow, I hope you'll come back tomorrow to snag it up!!


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