Monday, February 11, 2013

~*~ Maternity Monday ~*~ 30 weeks!! 7-11 weeks to go...

I cannot believe that I am 30 weeks along, that in as little as 7 weeks, I could be holding my little man!! I had an appointment this morning, and Dr Gynie says that he is measuring at 34 weeks (this is according to her tape measure, not an ultrasound). Of course, I'm only 30 weeks so she is warning me about this a little. Then, she asked how big Rachel was and I said, "8 pounds, 10.5 ounces, 19.25 inches". She said, "Wow!! And, you had her natural?" Yes, definitely!! She was impressed!

So, I took the opportunity today to ask her about some stuff that weighs on an expectant Mom's mind, like "What if I go into labor and you're not there? Who will deliver my baby then?" She had good answers for me, which made me happy. She says they will not try to force me to have an epidural and that the policy is that they will give it to me if I ask for it but won't try to get me to have it. She says there are 7 doctors in the rotation that split on call times and that they are 6 girls and 1 boy. And, she said she is taking her vacation in March, so she'll be around during April! :D She also said if they feel an episiotomy is necessary, they will tell me before doing it and be sure to give me a local first (last guy didn't on that one, so I was sure to ask, because I remembered that!). 

Oh! And, the last time I did blood work, the lab lost some of it, so she did a CBC and ferritin level today too. This is good because it will give us a clear idea of how my iron levels are for the end of pregnancy! She agrees with me that it will be a lot easier to do an infusion or two before the baby is born than to wait until after he is born for them! So, if my levels are low at all, I'll be scheduling that with Dr. Hematology!

Chris took a sick day from work today, so he's been here keeping me company and got to hear the heartbeat with me this morning! It's going to be so nice having him home with me for Paternity leave, but also so sad for me when he goes back to work again. We are having a pretty mellow day around here, although we were told we need to get our DTAP shots, and she suggested flu shots too, but I'm not incredibly big on those, so we'll get the first but probably not the latter.

This Facebook thing keeps asking me "How are you feeling, Sarah?" I'm feeling very pregnant and quite tired after the amazing Sing A Thon on Saturday. I may have joined in a bit too enthusiastically during a dance break because yesterday I could barely move at all and today I'm still a little sore and super tired! But, it went great, and I think a good time and lots of good food was had by all! Rachel's trip to New Orleans is almost completely paid for, to which we owe an amazing debt of gratitude to all her sponsors! Other than her choir trip and the choir Variety Show (Feb 20), Rachel's big focus now is on choosing songs for her College Auditions, of which she will have 3! They will be March 2, 9, and 16th! Ashley is in San Diego for a vacation, but we might get to see her on her way back home, and we are looking forward to that very much!  And, that's what is going on with all of us this week!! :D

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