Monday, January 28, 2013

~*~ Maternity Monday ~*~ Week 28, 12 to go!!

Well, I had an appointment today!! I was starting to wrap my head around being in the third trimester and being so close to the finish line, but dr told me I might be closer to the finish line than I even realized... Turns out any time I go into labor after 37 weeks, I will be allowed to have the baby! And, she will put the hammer down at 41 weeks, to induce if he hasn't come on his own by then. So, now I have this concrete window that I will be having this baby between April 1st and the 29th!! Holy cow that seems super soon right this second! Anywhere between 9 and 13 weeks and we'll have a baby!! Woohoo!! (I'm actually really hoping to have him over Spring Break which would be a little early but it's in the window, lol... And, I really want to go into labor naturally so if you are the praying type, please pray for me to have the baby during the window without having to be induced!!)

I have to keep reminding myself that we are making progress! We have nailed down a date and hopefully a time for the shower, which you'll be hearing about once we have a place decided upon!! We have created a registry or two, and have only a few more key products to decide upon! It seems like every day, I come up with some new thing for Chris to have to think about with regards to the baby. I know I'm overwhelming him a bit. So, I don't know if it is better if I just flood him with all of it at once or if I should keep drizzling out a tiny bit at a time... I should ask him about that, I guess!! He probably has a preference!!

Also, I'm reading two books at the moment- One designed to make breastfeeding simple, and the other about vaccines. I am going to have to start reading them more quickly because I don't have anywhere near as much time to get through it all as I thought I did... And, I have to start looking for a pediatrician. I haven't picked one of those in forever and have no real clues where I'll start on that one... Rachel's got tons of college music department auditions coming up in March and the sing-a-thon February 9th for her choir trip fundraiser, so it's going to be a busy time either way!!

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