Monday, January 21, 2013

~*~ Maternity Monday ~*~ (week 27, 13 to go)

In the land of vegetables I'm familiar with, I've been reading that Curtis probably weighs in at about 2 pounds aka a head of cauliflower! I will say that so far he has never had a week where I could compare him to an asparagus, which makes me a little sad because I was looking forward to all the Veggietales references... But, alas, I'll take Cauliflower for now!! :D

Anyhow, these between appointment weeks are tougher to write about because if a lot of stuff is changing, I don't really know about it that much, except for the differences I can note. For example, it seems that Curtis is moving around a lot more now than he has been up to now. But, I know, because I read stuff, that he's probably moving around the same as always, I can just feel it better now. Either way, he seems to be having a good ole time in there! He doesn't do any predictable stuff like Rachel did just yet. (Rachel used to roll over every single night when I would lay down for bed, so it was a fun thing my mom and I used to watch.) But, he does do this awesome punching bag thing where it feels like he goes bump bump bump bump bump bump with alternating fists in RAPID succession. It's a really weird sensation.

In my reading, I'm getting to the time when almost everything is a reason for concern. I read the lists of things to go to the doctor for and they get longer every week, it seems like. And, in my mommy groups, I'm seeing a lot of posts about people wondering if they peed themselves or if their water broke. So far, they all peed themselves. I'm pretty nervous about this and have taken to going to the bathroom every 2 hours or so to avoid that scenario! But, more amazingly, in my April Mommy groups, the babies that are being born early are all doing really well now. Just a few weeks ago (6-7), babies that were born were not faring well at all, and most didn't make it. Now, they are all staying in the NICU for a while, but they are all thriving and most are drinking breast milk through their feeding tubes or via sucking on q-tips. That is just amazing to me!!

It is really amazing to be watching both my children grow at this stage! Rachel had a quite brilliant moment yesterday, where she got to sing at the Bulldog Pub with the jazz band there! We have an "in" with the band there as the leader is an old friend of the family and lots of people there knew my mother, who sang there every Sunday. But, we had no real way of knowing if we'd be recognized or if Rachel would get a chance to sing. But, I told her to bring her song book and see what happens. And, what happened was she took the bull by the horns, charged right up to Bob (the friend of the family), introduced herself as Debbi Stawicki's granddaughter, chatted with him about the possibility of recording some songs with him sometime, and graciously accepted without hesitation when he offered to let her sing!

Both my children are charging head first into the next stage of their lives, and it's exciting to watch! Curtis is preparing to exit the womb, strong and healthy! And, Rachel is preparing to go to college and enter the performance universe, also strong and healthy! They are both growing at a pace that is hard for me to measure, but one that makes me an immensely proud Mama!! :D

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