Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Fresh Start?

Well, I can't explain exactly what or why but suddenly I'm inspired to make my presence known on the web again... So, a lot has changed around here, and a lot has stayed the same. It's been since September of 2010 since I posted anything, which is hard for me to even really have a grip on.

So, what's happened since then? TONS!! Tons, I tell ya!! I have been adjusting to life as a smaller person than I once was, as I have lost over 100 pounds. My adorable cuteness, Rachel, has been dating her first boyfriend for over a year. She has gone from a perfect angel to an actual TEENAGER, grr. My step-cuteness Ashley has moved out into an apartment over an hour from us, which was less than a month ago, so we are all still adjusting to that. My hubby is still working for the Brothers Warner doing what he does best! They made him an Engineer, which he really likes. We still have 2 huge dogs, and make our home in Torrance, CA where the weather is almost always lovely.

In the last 2 days, I have installed and templated a zen cart over at Candy Cuteness! So, I'll be adding all my products into one store and talking about them all on one blog! This may or may not be great for all of you but it sure will be easier for me. You can expect the Candy Bar Wrapper Designs to go up first because they need the least repackaging. However, I am feeling inspired to work on some of the scrapbooking stuff too, so you might see some of those products sooner than I realize.

Some other stuff I'm working on:
* Reigning in the Budget- specifically by watching what I spend, and cooking more meals at home. I was inspired by my real life bestie Jamie and so far we are doing well at using a drive through just one night a week and having one family dinner out a week.
* Getting Pregnant- we have an appt with a Hubby dr in the morning, so we'll see what they say. I had a wife appt last week, fun.
* Decorating the choir banquet- my living room is covered with my hand painted center pieces. When one is finished, I'll post a photo.

Well, I guess that's that!! My first post back! Woohoo!!

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