Monday, May 21, 2012

Blog Updating... long and tedious work!

Well, I thought I would go through my blog and make sure all the images and links were working or disabled, or appropriately dealt with since a whole new crowd of folks might be joining me soon. I say me because while I have had almost 100 downloads of my newest quickpage, it still seems like I'm the only one reading this for now. That's ok, because I had some cleaning up to do...

Either way, here's the deal:  I disabled all links for quickpages, except the one I just put up. I left up all links for blog train pieces, and most other freebies. I did go through and move some from 4shared onto my own hosting. Also, a few were lost, but most of them are working, so download away!! :D

Let me quickly say that some downloads may have links in them that are not accurate ways to reach me anymore... The only URLs where you can find me are as follows: <-- Where you are now (which I have not yet updated but will be soon!!)
My email is  It's not a hyperlink to reduce spam...

Also, I wanted to give you the preview images for the Freebie I posted in the Color Play Thread at With Love Studio!!

You do NOT have to register for the forum in order to get the download links!! So, if you want them, feel free to head over there and pick them up!!

Thanks for stopping by!!

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