Monday, June 8, 2009

More Movie Talk, A layout, and A Sale!! :D

Greetings all!! :D

I got to see a Sneak Preview of the Proposal, a new movie with Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds (<-- major hottie)! I thought it was really cute! It was exactly what I expected though- a chick flick kind of along the lines of an older movie called Green Card, which I will be adding to my netflix que so I can show it to my girls. Anyhow, the movie was not as predictable as I thought it was going to be. It had some little twisties that really made me smile! I also really loved the nearly naked shots of RR (shame on me, I know)... The movie was sweet, funny, and highly romantic! SO, either bribe your husband to watch it with you or go see it without him, lol...

p.s. Betty White is a comic genius, and she proves it again in this movie, just as she has many times before!!

I'm hosting two challenges for this awesome month of June!!

At Designs In Digital, it's the color challenge!! Use this color palette to make a layout and get points toward free products at DID!! :D
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At Scrapable, it's a Snorkeling Lesson!! Use my Blast the Contrast Tutorial to create a layout with an awesome, high contrast black and white photo and get lei-out points toward free products at Scrapable!! :D
And, last but not least!! :D I extended my Grand Opening Sale at Scrapable! There are TONS (5) new designers opening at Scrapable right now, so I figured I'd join them and extend my Grand Opening Sale to match with theirs!! So, come to Scrapable and check out the new designers!! While you're there, enjoy 35% off all the products in my store!! :D
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  1. No shame in liking RR- especially in the buff- he is a hottie =)