Monday, May 25, 2009

I love Movies!! :D

I hope everyone is having a great weekend and such!! :D I'm really enjoying the holiday weekend! My sale is still going on at Scrapable, which is good stuff!!

But, I wanted to just drop in here and say that I love going to the movies!! I really have been enjoying all the big blockbuster movies this summer!! My husband has a very firm policy that we don't see movies in the first two weeks that they are out, because he hates crowds!! However, we have been beating the crowds by going to the movie early on Saturday morning. This lets us see the movies that are new right away without having to stand in any lines or anything like that...

SO, here's my summer rundown so far!! :D

Wolverine- I liked it... It wasn't the greatest movie ever and I'm not a comic book purist so I didn't care about the stuff in the movie that didn't give with the comic book. The biggest discussion point we have had after seeing this movie was the question of how long are the blades in his arms exactly? Do they get longer when he is more upset or are they merely extending out further when he is upset? And, if they really are that long inside his arm all the time, how is it that he can bend his wrists and his elbows when they are not extended? This was a huge debate that lasted days and has never quite been settled, I don't think it truly ever will to be honest!! But, overall, I thought it was a worthwhile movie! I was glad I saw it and it had a very heavy concentration of hotties, which is always a good thing as far as I'm concerned!! :D

Star Trek- OMGosh, talk about the best movie ever!! Don't listen to anyone who said that old Spock was inserted ackwardly, what are they smokin?? This movie could not have happened without old Spock in it... Oh, this movie was so awesome!! I absolutely loved it!! Actually the whole family loved it!! My husband liked it, which is super hard to do, he is hard to please!! (As a reference, He said Wolverine was "just OK"...) My 13 year old daughter liked it, and so did my 22 year old daughter!! And, I'm 33 so that's a lot of demographics all contained, lol... I thought the action in this movie was AWESOME!! And, I LOVED little Chekov, he was super great!! I really thought they made something out of that character, who was often just an accented decorative piece. I loved the Charlie Bartlet kid in this movie!! (He is having a big summer, I saw him again in Terminator, woohoo for him!!) I LOVED little Bones, that guy was hilarious, and so SPOT ON for what I expect the younger Bones would have been like... Now, I have to say out loud that I was slightly disappointed that they didn't choose Ryan Reynolds to play Kirk. I know he's a little old (and tall) compared to the rest of the cast, but he's just done such a great Kirk impression for years that I thought I was going to be disappointed in Kirk no matter what... BUT, I was wrong!! I thought Chris Pine really did the part justice, he was great!! But, I have to say that I felt really strongly that the super HOTTIE SYLAR stole the whole movie as Spock!! I hope they make another movie to show us the rest of what happens with Spock and Uhura (awesome work from this actress as well, kudos to her for choosing so many great roles that I can't even begin to list them Drumline, Center Stage, etc... YAY)!! This movie just ROCKED the SOCKS!! I want to go see it again in theatres because I just can't wait for it to come to DVD!! This movie will be the movie I compare other movies to for a LONG time!! :D

So, Saturday, we went and saw Terminator: Salvation!! Now, honestly, I have been watching the Terminator show, and I loved the Terminator movies I saw when I was a kid, especially 2 & 3... I can't even say that I remember 1 very well, I'm netflixing it so I can have a marathon. So, don't slam me on any continuity stuff, but I liked it a lot... It was definitely NOT better than Star Trek, but I would give it a higher score than Wolverine!! I gave Wolverine bonus points for naked Hugh Jackman, but in the end this movie was just better, and more interesting to me. Wolverine is still very watchable and Star Trek way overshadowed this movie. But, I thought this was a pretty decent addition to the Terminator series... Yes, I did think it was a little bit predictable, but that doesn't bother me at all... We've seen Terminators sacrifice themselves before and I loved it then just as much as I loved it here. I thought the movie was strong, the action was good and a couple things happened I wasn't expecting! Yay for the usage of the old footage, which I really liked and thought was done very well... And, we got a taste of Little Chekov playing Kyle Reese, which was pretty awesome! I really liked him in this movie!!

How could it have been better?? I can't really put words on it... I think it is a big conundrum when you have two Sarah Connors, and ten billion different John Connors to work with... It's hard to justify them all together... Does Christian Bale look like an older version of Edward Furlong?? Um... I don't think so... What about Thomas Dekker?? Um... I don't think so... Although maybe he is a better match here than with Edward Furlong... But, then you have whoever was playing him in T3... It's just a problem all together. But, I love Christian Bale, ever since Newsies, so I'm willing to have him in just about any movie! And, at least in this movie, the raspy Batman voice was toned down and applied to everyone so it made a lot more sense, lol... I was sad that sexy prison terminator had to die cuz he was pretty hot and would have been great in more Terminator movies, of which I'm expecting at least 1 more, which would be awesome, IMO!!

Meanwhile, what am I looking forward to next?? In a word, TRANSFORMERS!! :D The bar has been set pretty high this summer for movies, I think... And, if anyone can live up to it, Transformers can!! :D I also haven't had occasion to go to the movies without my husband so I haven't had occasion to see any of the chick flicks or comedies this summer, a problem which I will surely rectify eventually, lol... I'm also looking forward to Harry Potter... But, I have no hopes for anyone but Transformers coming even close to how much I loved Star Trek!! Spock Rocks!! LLAP Baby!

I hope I haven't bored you with my movie talk, I just felt like I needed to blog before I get out of the habit and movies were what was on my mind, lol...
Do you love movies too? Is there a movie you are thinking about seeing but don't know if you should? My husband works for Warner Bros and I'm a super movie buff too, so feel free to ask me about almost any movie, I probably have an opinion, lol...


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