Saturday, February 21, 2009

Oh, man, I'm so sick... :(

I'm sick, like super really sick... :( It's a drag. I'm on all kinds of antibiotics and a bunch of other stuff, I hope it all starts working soon!

Anyhow, did you see this?

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And, this matches but it comes with the page kit, so get that one!!:

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I did it as part of the contest at Amanda Dykans. I'm super sick, so I'm not going to finish this week's piece anytime soon, but that's ok... I'll get it done eventually!

I've also done a piece for the collab for next month at DID, it's going to be great! And, I did something for a Charity collab next month at Digital Candy, so I'm pretty excited about that...

Here's my most recent layouts:

ADSR Challenge 11, One photo, one question. Keepin it simple!
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ADSR Challenge 10? Roadblock, my layout as a gift to Linda!! :D
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ADSR Challenge 12! We are Storytellers! :D
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I'll come back with some credits later, I'm not feeling great, so I got to get back to bed!! :D


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  1. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Was Hugh Jackman talking to you or me? LOLLLLLLLL Great idea for that challenge!!