Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A couple more layouts!

I'm having so much fun with the ADSR!! :D Challenge 8 was to do a Scraplift of one of our Scrapbooking Idol's layouts!! :D I had to go searching for an idol, but I found one, and a great one!! :D

I ended up making two layouts, because the first one went in it's own direction in a major way and couldn't get the word dream to match the theme... Here they are! :D

This layout:

Image Hosted by

was scraplifted from this layout here! Everything here except the strings is by Microferk!! The strings are CU by Bannerwoman!

This layout (which is the one I actually entered for Challenge 8:

Image Hosted by

was scraplifted from this layout here!
for the background, overlays by Amanda Rockwell and Atomic Cupcake. the felt stars are CU by Miss Tiina, the lined paper matte is by Cindy Doerksen, the lined paper, heart ribbon, wire frame, pink frame (I colored it), and wire alpha are from Pure Love by Luiza Garay, glitter plastic frame by Cathy Ann Designs, dreams alpha, and glitter spots (I desaturated them) from Tween by Libby Weifenbach, and stitched circle by Kari Henzelt.

I have been designing too, but it seems like everything I have made is going into a collab kit or grab bag or something...

Let me just say that some things you'll want to be looking for are the NFED Lifting Hopes Collaboration. It will be available at Pretty Scrappy! I donated a nice bit of stuff for that, and the collab is going to be HUGE and GORGEOUS!! :D Also, I made almost a full kit (it's only missing an alpha) for the February Grab bag at Designs In Digital! My piece of the bag alone is worth what they'll be charging for it, and you'll get all the pieces by the other designers as well!! So, you should definitely consider getting that one! I also made something for the February Collab kit at Designs In Digital! It's a really cute kit, so be looking forward to that too!! :D

The December grab bag was broken down and popped into the store, so I have these papers in my store now (Click it if you want it):
Image Hosted by

The January grab bag has something I created in it as well, I think it's kewlio, but I don't think I'm allowed to show it to you... :( Thanks for stopping by! :D


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