Sunday, August 3, 2008

Tagged!! And, a new add on!! :D

I got Tagged by Rowan!!

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Okie Dokie, Here I go!! I hope you are all strapped in for the long haul cuz I'm a long winded chick, lol...

7 Facts about me, some random, some weird...
1. I once took a week and a half and convinced all my friends that I was twins. I did it like this... On Thursday and Friday, I told my friends I was going to visit my biological father (who in fact at that time I had not met since I had been old enough to remember), so if I seemed like I didn't know what was going on Monday, could they please help me out, cuz my twin sister would actually be going to my classes for me. The story was that since my parents weren't together, they each took one of us when they split (Parent Trap Inspired!!). Of course, my mom was married to my step dad but she had never told him that I was twins, so it was a big secret... Because she didn't want to get in a fight with my step dad about it, she just continued to not tell him about it and for one or two weeks a year, we just swapped places so we could see the opposite parent that we didn't live with. SO, on Monday, I pretended to forget some things we had talked about the week before, and I went the wrong direction for one or two of my classes... By the time Friday rolled around, I had almost all of them convinced I was not myself! The next Monday, I came to school and was "myself" again... I couldn't believe how many of them the trick had worked on... I fessed up to most of them... But, a year or two later, a friend called and started talking about something we had talked about at school but I had forgotten... I said, "What are you talking about?" and he said, "Is this Sasha? When is Sarah coming back?" I almost fell off the bed... He still thought I was twins, lol...

2. I didn't have my first drink of alcohol until I was 25 and I can still count on my fingers how many times in my life I've drank alcohol... Just wasn't ever my thing.

3. In my ever continuing quest to convince my father I was just as good as a son, I took up the trombone in 5th grade and played it all of 5th and 6th grades before I gave it up for something more cool, I can't remember what, lol...

4. When my step daughter turned 21, I took her to a club/bar to see "exotic" dancers. It was one of the times I can count on my fingers, lol... My mom took me when I turned 18, so I figured Ashley was overdue, lol...

5. I dye my hair religiously. If I see a glint of glitter (grey hair), I dye it. I used to go back and forth from my summer color to my winter color, but now I hardly ever dye it the same color twice in a row... People who know me don't even respond to my drastic hair color changes anymore... Last week, it was black cherry. This week, it's roasted coffee, who knows what color it will be next month, lol...

6. I have a super hot baby daddy, lol... When I was young, I wasn't bad looking, and my boyfriend was super hot... Well, now I am not that hot anymore cuz I need to go on a diet in a major way, lol... BUT, those men, I think it is easier for them to still look good after kids, especially if, like my baby daddy, they haven't had to spend 24 hours a day for 13 years taking of them. SO, even 3 more kids later, he still looks pretty good. When all my friends with baby daddy's get together and we compare who's is the hottest, mine wins!! :D lol...

7. I'm funny. I feel conceited when I say that but it's true... I don't do it on purpose always but I'm funny. I write funny stuff and say funny things. At family reunions, all the talented people get up and sing or dance or play their instruments for the talent show. This year, I embraced my funniness and I stood up and told 2 stories of funny things that have happened to me. I think some of the people in the audience were really happy for depends that day!! :O And, at least one person almost fell out of their chair. My husband is trying to get me to do stand up comedy as a job. He thinks I'll make enough money doing comedy that he can stay home and be a man of leisure playing with computers...(Hey, that's my job!) I'm a little chicken but I figure I might at least give it a shot...

So, next, I'm supposed to list who I'm gonna tag... The problem is I don't have a lot of friends... SO, I'm gonna have to go dig some up... I'll come back with their links a few minutes!!

Until then, GOOD NEWS!!

Traveling Man is the NUMBER 1 product at DID right now!! WOOT!! WOOT!! WOOT!! Well, it was when I started writing this, lol... I just looked and it's number 2 again, lol... If I see my product as number 1 again, I'll be sure to screen shot it, LOL...

Henna Henna Bo Benna was released as a freebie today!! :D
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More good news!! I've got an add on pack for you!! Click it to get it!!
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Progress on Scrap For Hire Job: 10 of 20 pages completed!! :D I'm actually feeling quite accomplished for having finished that many pages of the project in the midst of planning my daughter's party, which went really well... I'm going to finish the rest of the pages next week. I delivered the completed pages today in 8x8 format for her to give to her husband, I'm looking forward to getting the others done!!

So, that's that...

Thanks for stopping by!!


  1. Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 04 Aug [LA 12:00am, NY 02:00am, UK 07:00am, OZ 05:00pm] ).

  2. ROFL! Sarah you really are a crack up! I loved reading your tagged "confessions"! That twin story-----reminds me the time I claimed to work for David Letterman...oh, wait I better save THAT story for next time!