Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday Friday Friday

Well!! Yesterday, I bought a lightscribe for my computer, installed it, and learned to use it!! SO, I'm pretty excited about that!! I'm a burning fool, lol... Plus (and this is gonna sound really stupid to the computer geeks among us), it's black and silver so it looks really pretty in my case, whereas my old burner drive was not as pretty and just wasn't that fancy in the case... I'm laughing at myself, so I hope you're having a giggle with me too, lol...

Meanwhile, I've been staying up super late watching the Olympics, sleeping in late, and working all day long... Tomorrow, I'm gonna move furniture, lol...

I had a super cute idea for my first ever "for sale" for real kit!! I've had my girls working on some pieces for it that I want to do extractions for... Hopefully it will turn out as cute in real life as it does in my mind!

In the last two days, I have sold and set up two different zen cart installs with my semi custom templates (available at AliSarah) so, YAY!! It's been a banner week, as far as me being busy actually working!! :D

Thanks for stopping by!! I promise to have some new freebies for you very soon!! :D


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