Friday, July 18, 2008

I love you Betty Lou!

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I found this picture of my grandmother buried in a bunch of old stuff. Faintly written on it is her Valentine message to my grandfather, to whom she was married at the time. When they got divorced, a lot of stuff like this got pulled and stuffed. I just think this photo is so beautiful, and I wanted to be able to display it. So, I made a page with it, and took the opportunity to write a note to my Gramz about how beautiful and special she is and how amazing the legacy she will leave behind is.

This is my second heritage layout. I really like doing them, but I feel so responsible to the persons depicted in them when I make them. I want to do the people in the pictures proud. It's weird because heritage layouts feel more "weighted" to me, I don't know why. I don't feel like that when I am scrapping about kids, babies, or even adults. But, I do feel that way when I scrap photos that are from times I don't remember, from before I was born, from before photos came in color, lol...

I'm so strange. Does anyone out there understand what I'm talking about??

Products Used:
Folded Ribbons, by Claudia Campbell
Dream A Little Dream 1, by Tallula Moon Designs
Font: Black Jack, Vivaldi
Ron's Flourishes brushes


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  1. I think I do :-)
    When I scrap "today" stuff, I'm telling a story about people or things I know. If I scrap stuff from before my time, or people I don't know, I'm flying blind. I don't know what type of pages they would appreciate, what colors they liked, and I have to rely on the picture to tell me how the page goes..... Does that make sense?