Thursday, July 10, 2008

ADSR Bonus Challenge!

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Here is my daily routine layout, lol!

I used a template by Amanda Lee for this Layout!
I also recolored and used a paper from Grunge Princess by Atomic Cupcake!

Journaling reads:
My Daily routine involves so much craziness, I don't even really know where to start to describe it! I was going to tell you how I wrap party favors every day or that I take pictures of Rachel every day. I got out enough pictures of each to do either one of those topics! Then, I started thinking about some of the other things we might be doing any given day, like dying our hair and taking pictures of it, eating messy foods (with biological dads), watching for deliveries, making funny faces at one another, going to play rehearsals, playing with dogs, and driving all over town in my van. We wake up crazy and somewhat groggy, and get wilder from there! We have to pick what we are going to wear and change our clothes 3 to 5 times a day! We have Brian and Travis in and out of the house all the time! But, I guess if I really have to commit to one thing for our daily routine, it's just having fun together!!

The we in question would be ME, my daughter, Rachel, and my step daughter Ashley, with a side of my husband Christopher (who works too much but loves his job), and my 2 exes, lol... Ashley's dad Brian, and Rachel's dad Travis

This layout was completed on April 5, 2008!


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