Wednesday, January 2, 2008


SO, wow!! I haven't written in forever!

I just wanted to drop a quick line to let you know how my Holidays went! For Christmas, I got Bronchitis, with miserable coughing, hacking, and sleeping all day long! We had middle schoolers over to go Christmas Caroling, and I was right in the middle of the hacking, but I still wanted us to have a good time... But, while we were out singing, I started coughing and I pulled a muscle in my neck, OW!!

So, I went to see Dr. G and he gave me some antibiotics but nothing for the neck... So, I couldn't turn my head for a whole week. I went back to see Dr. G and he finally gave me some muscle relaxers, which made me tired, but didn't put me to sleep. But, the good news was I could turn my head, lol... SO, I went shopping and bought all my presents the Friday before Christmas, lol.

We had a great birthday party for my Gramz on Dec. 23rd and I got to see that side of the family, so it was super fun! Then, Christmas Eve, Baby Daddy #2 came over to see the kiddle, but he was late so we just had a mellow night and he took the kiddle to see National Treasure 2, which I still haven't seen. :( They liked it though.

Christmas Day, we got up, Baby Daddy #2 was still here, so we opened presents and had a good breakfast. Then, we headed up the hill to have a super fun time at the family Christmas Dinner, which was really small and cozy this year. It was so nice!! AND, I got out my chocolate fountain, which is super super awesome!! We had some serious yumminess!

Since then, we have just been hanging out. We saw the hubster's parents and they took us to see the Rose Parade Floats being decorated, which was kewlness!

New Year's Eve, we hit the movie theater during the day while everyone was still at work! The kiddle saw Alvin & the Chipmunks, she liked it. We saw Sweeney Todd, We LOVED IT!! (I'm a theatre chick so I love all things Sondheim, not to mention the necessary Johnny Depp/ Tim Burton obsession, lol! Helena Bonham Carter is DIVINE as well! SO, it was an all around treat that totally lived up to all the hype for me...)

After that, we had lunch... And, we all went together to Enchanted, which was so disappointing. I was so sad... Now, a few days before all of this, I had gone to see a sneak preview of 27 Dresses, so I had just seen the lovely James Marsden being enchanting and wonderful and making me want to be in love with him... But, this movie was just sad, in my opinion. I wanted it to be so much better than it was. It did have a few great moments, and even one that wasn't even in the trailor... BUT, it just left so much to be desired... Oh well *sigh*

Anyhow, we did a little shopping and got some super indulgent foods to eat New Years Eve. We stayed up all night, it was fun!! Yesterday, we just lounged all over, which was good too...

So, there's that, everything that happened to me since you last heard from me...


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