Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Rice A Roni! This breakfast can't be beat!

Ok... So, yesterday I told you I was having pizza and diet soda for breakfast, and I wanted to be more clear and point out that it was indeed the new Pizza from Pizza Hut with the foldover crusts and the double the toppings thing they are advertising right now... SO, if you work at Pizza Hut and you want to send me free pizza for linking you, I am so kewl with that!! Additionally, I LOVED this pizza, it was YUMMY!! It was good at night and great for breakfast the next day... Until my daughter came home and said, "where did all the pizza go?" and I was left with the guilt of eating the last of it for breakfast... *sigh* oh well...

Meanwhile, I was having a little dilemma because I didn't want to be that chick who blogs about what she is eating for breakfast everyday. But, today, I made myself Rice A Roni, which is somewhat noteworthy because I usually just have yogurt and/or oatmeal... Plus, this is not leftovers, this is brand new totally self indulgent, ridiculously good, Broccoli Au Graten Rice A Roni, just for me, just for breakfast, just for today!! With, what else? Diet soda!

If my Gramz was reading this, she'd give me a lecture about how I am going to die from aspartame poisoning on account of the formic acid... As an ex-biology major in college, I'd have to agree with her. But, as a person who LOVES Diet Dr. Pepper Berries N Cream, I just can't care about that... I am drinking my can, a can a day, like those almond guys, only it's diet soda. Phosphoric acid, caramel coloring, formic acid creating aspartame and all!! I'm drinking it!

So, yesterday, I had a super slow moment. I'm gonna tell you the story so you know not to do what I did. I had this customer who wanted a bunch of stuff for her bunco group. SO, I had to design something because I couldn't find something I liked already done. I couldn't find any dice so I had to draw them myself. All in all, I was very proud of this creation I had created. We set up a time to meet at the Starbucks down the street and I was standing in line getting ready to order a Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha hold the Mocha (which was supremely YUMMY by the way) and this lady looks at this thing I am holding, which looks like this:
Image Hosted by
She starts talking about how cute it is and how she plays bunco and how she loves this and so on... And, I stand there like a moron holding the thing and NOT ONCE do I mention that I made it, that I designed it, that this is my business, that she could order them from me, that I would sell her one, that I could make them with her face on them, NOTHING!! I say NOTHING about my business and I did NOT EVEN offer her a card!!! I can't believe how crazy stupid I was... What was I thinking??

My customer came, and we had a supreme time hanging out in the Starbucks drinking our drinks and chatting it up! So, that was a positive end to my being a moron!!

Today's freebie is a paper based on this shirt my daughter Rachel has, I just thought the picture was so cute, so I wanted to make a scrapbook page with it, which I did... I made this paper to use on that page... And, now I am sharing it with you!! I hope you'll be able to find a use for it!! :D
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**Link Lost, I'm working on it! 05/21/2012

Huggles all!

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