Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Pizza & Diet Soda!

Yeah baby!! It's breakfast time, and I am having the breakfast of computer champions!! Pizza and Diet Soda! It could be Pizza and Beer but that might impede my ability to keep writing, no?? I am not really much of a beer drinker anyway really... Anyhow, this is my first blog post and I think I will keep it short and simple with a little introduction of myself...

My name is ~Sarah~ and I run two e-Commerce websites from my home. The first is Candy Cuteness, where I sell custom party favors and some Crafting supplies for people who want to make party favors! I only really carry hard to find stuff that I have found a supplier for. I try to carry things people need but can't find a source for. I also try not to mark things up very much. My second site is AliSarah Designs, which is where my friend Alisan and I sell Candy Wrapper Designs for professional Candy Wrappers, and where I sell some things called Wrap N Scrap Kits. These are large collections of backgrounds and elements sized to be used for Digi Scrappin' or for Designing Candy Bar Wrappers!

Here are a couple freebies for you, just in case you see this someday!!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
**Link Lost, I'm working on it!! 5/21/2012

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
**Link Lost, I'm working on it!! 5/21/2012

Thanks for dropping by!! I hope you will enjoy these freebies and visit us again sometime!!


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