Monday, February 18, 2013

~*~ Maternity Monday ~*~ 31 weeks down, 9 to go!

Wow!! I have to say the time is starting to pass more quickly these days! It seems like in a very short time, there will be another person in the house!! EEP!! Either way, we made our first big purchase for the baby today! It's our shiny new black rocker recliner!! It's not your "typical" baby purchase, I know, but I spent more time rocking Rachel in the rocker recliner than doing anything else with her! We also took great pictures of her as she was growing up that chronicled how big she had gotten in that recliner. And, there is nothing nicer when baby is fussing than rocking them to sleep, putting your feet up and joining them! I have photos of myself, my mom, my dad, and Gramz all sleeping with Rachel on our chests in that recliner. So, it was something I was really looking forward to having for Curtis as well.

Buying the recliner gave us an excuse to do one of my other favorite activities- moving the furniture around!! It was less fun but just as satisfying to direct Chris & Rachel as they did all the work. Now, my living room looks a little different and I love it when that happens!

Meanwhile, you are all probably wondering how things are going with the baby. Curtis has stepped up the kicking in the last few days. His kicks are much stronger, and happen pretty often, especially when I'm trying to sleep! Chris and Curtis were both restless last night! Hubby woke up at 430 for no reason, which woke me up, and then Curtis was kicking so much, I couldn't get back to sleep for almost an hour and a half. He is an active little one!! I am doing well! This week, I had my first real swelling incident that I can't blame on sitting or standing too much or anything I did really. I just swelled up like a pregnant chick a little. It passed quickly and I'm glad to report it has only happened the one time. The emails say he is weighing in a little over 3 pounds now, I think he's probably a little bigger than that, but it sure helps him kick me harder that he's growing so well!! :D

I am tired, though. I am really glad I had dr gynie check my iron levels last week and am looking forward to hearing next week what the levels are. I'm quite curious to know if this is pregnancy tired alone or pregnancy tired plus low iron levels tired.

I am about 100 pages into the Breast Feeding Book, and about 80 pages into the Vaccine book. I have decided that if you can write a book that is 300+ pages long about a subject, it is highly unlikely that you are simplifying it. So, I have put the breast feeding book down for a while. I think it will be a useful resource when I actually have a baby to feed but, for now, it was just making me really nervous that I was going to have difficulty breastfeeding. That is not why I was reading the book, so I'm taking a break from it. Meanwhile, the vaccine book is a bit repetitive for my tastes- turns out there are really only 3 ways to make a vaccine so every chapter is a little more of what you just read... I'm pretty sure at this point that we will go with a delayed/modified schedule because we just don't feel comfortable giving him vaccines before we even get to know his normal, nor do we feel ok with introducing as many as 6 vaccines into his little system at a time.

Anyhow, the baby and I are doing well! Considering he'll be born between 37 and 41 weeks, I have 6-10 weeks left. That seems like a super short amount of time, doesn't it?? I will not freak out! I will not panic! There's plenty of time! lol... We had Ashley over for a couple days this weekend! It was super great to see her! Also, Rachel has the choir Variety Show this week, where she will be singing a duet with the Theater teacher, Mrs. Duvall! I will be making cake pops for the occasion! This week promises to pass quickly as Chris had the day off for the Holiday, so he only has to work 4 days this week, woohoo!! :D


  1. First off Congratulations on that Beautiful son! Second being a Mom to 4 I threw the Breatfeeding books and Potty Training Books into the give away books at Local Lib because it was to me so much about so much nonsense and like you said makes a person nervous that you are doing it all wrong! There is to me no wrong way whatever works for you is great! I can't understand why they have to write such long winded books! Like the maybe they were the ones not successful so they have to tell everyone else that they do it this way whatever it just a lot of times made no rhyme or reason to what they were writing about! Take care and enjoy the new Baby and good luck and I really mean it on filling those extra bedrooms with children who need loving Parents and siblings!