Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday!! Friday!! Friday!! :D

For those of you who've been around here before, you know you can look for two things on Fridays!! Those things are New Releases and a Freebie!!

So, what's new today?? My new, most favorite kit!! It's called Music In Me and I designed it for my daughter, Rachel, who loves to sing!! As always, you can click it if you want it!!

This is the link for the bundle:

And these are the pieces:

I love this kit so much!! I've already made 4 layouts with it!! And, I've already posted here the Iron Melody alpha that matches this kit! BUT, I have given 1 free quick page, 1 add on mini, and 1 additional matching alpha to be given away to WLS newsletter subscribers only!! So, CLICK HERE to sign up for the With Love Studio Newsletter!! The newsletter freebies will be going out over the month of July, so sign up soon!!

Here's one of my layouts I made with this kit!! :D

And, you know me- I couldn't resist making a quickpage for you!! (Click it if you want it, always a direct download!!)

I hope you like this new kit!! And, I'll see you on Tuesday with another freebie!! :D


p.s. Did you see The Amazing Spiderman? Even though I have a philosophical issue with remaking movies that don't really need to be remade, I enjoyed it! And, the teaser at the end made me disappointed that the next one won't be here for a very long time :(

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