Tuesday, May 29, 2012

It's Tuesday & A Freebie!

I hope you had a good Memorial Day yesterday! I saw the movie Men In Black 3, and then did some errands picking up a few things we needed. If you read much of what I write, you'll learn that my hubby works for Warner Brothers, and we are serious movie buffs. So, whenever you see me write that I saw a movie, you can expect a review!!

We liked the movie, and I was the only one who cried. We went nice and early so we got to see the movie for a great price. We don't care much for 3d unless it is part of the story (ie tron or avatar). So, we saw the movie in a plain old digital theater. So, I can't comment on the 3d content or anything like that. Overall, I liked the story, and I thought it was a worthwhile addition to the Men In Black family of films. I liked the tie-ins to the old stories and I always think that time travel movies are interesting views. Rachel didn't think that the big scary bad guy was scary enough, but I don't really have a problem with that, because I don't think it's really the intention of these particular film makers to scare people. This is supposed to be a campy, fun film with action, and it definitely is.

So, on another front entirely, I have finished adding all my products to my store at With Love Studio!! I have also finished creating some really cute stuff for the Lovely Colors which will be released on June 1st!!

One of the products I have really enjoyed repackaging is my Birthstone Alphas Set. You might remember them- they are a set of alphas one for each birthstone of the year! They are so pretty! I just love them all! So, I decided I'd share a little freebie with you! Included, you will find the names of all the months of the year in English (sorry I'm not a speaker of any other languages to make those for you) spelled out in their corresponding Birthstone Alphas!!

Click it if you want it!! (Always a direct download, I use bit.ly to track the links, it's good for my ego!)

I hope you'll like it!! I'll see you soon! Tomorrow is awards night at my daughter's high school. She's getting an award so I'm looking forward to that!!



  1. Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Thank you for this awesome alph...really different!