Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Welcome AliSarah, lol!!

What a crazy day today has been... It started with my husband badgering me about the taxes and thinking I may have missed something... This sent me on an almost all day odyssey looking for records of whether or not we received Economic Stimulus Checks... I still don't know because the IRS has evidently never heard of my husband's social security number... So, maybe tomorrow I'll get to be on hold with the IRS for 20 hours, woohoo!

Then, I had to go to the dr. It was a pointless trip to the office as far as I could tell. He didn't have the results from my blood draw last week and said I should call dr. hematology to get them. *rolls eyes* So, I'll see what dr. hematology says on the 27th when I get over there.

Meanwhile, I got a weird email that said one of my websites was phishing... This happens sometimes when hackers find some back door way into your site and then set up a whole operation, so I had to deal with that... Which I did promptly and efficiently.

Later, I get an email and phone call from my host that my site has been hacked. again. twice in one day. the same exact site. This same site had been hacked a couple weeks ago, so for some reason that name just really attracts the goobers who have nothing better to do with their time...

So, I decided to bring in the blog from that site to this blog... And, that site will just point people over here where they can get my awesome Scrapbooking stuff! But, my Candy Bar Wrapper Designs no longer have a place to live... SO, WELCOME to everyone who came here thinking they were going to my Candy Bar Wrapper site! I'm still in the planning stages of whether or not (and how) to make them available again.

I hope you had a less frustrating day than I did!!

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