Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Year!! New Life!! :D

Hey Everyone!! :D

Happy New Year!! I didn't dream when I posted that bit about the CT that it would take me this long to get back to blog something new! But, I have spent a month being SUPER SICK!! But, YAY!! I am well again!! :D

I have some really cute stuff coming out on Friday!

But, first an ANNOUNCEMENT!! I am now an EXCLUSIVE Designer at Scrapable!! So, from now on Scrapable is the only place to find all my new designs!

Let me take this chance also to draw your attention to some alphas I made, which happen to match perfectly with the kit I will be releasing on Friday!

You'll receive all 6 alphas for just $5!!

Image Hosted by

But, if you really love them, you might want to wait for Friday, when I will release a whole kit that matches them and I might just throw them in with the kit for a while!! **wink wink**

Thanks for stopping by!! Keep coming back! This blog is going to be a super busy place this year!!


p.s. If you want to CT for me, send me an email!! I will announce a formal call in the next week or so!! :D

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