Friday, November 6, 2009

Santa's Digi Express has landed at DID!!

Every year at Designs in Digital, we have this awesome Grab Bag called Santa's Digi Express! We have a ton of challenges that you have to have this Grab Bag to participate in. But, the grab bag itself is a really awesome thing to have whether you do the challenges or not! Inside this awesome bag, you will find 8 super cute mini collabs, which were created by the designers from the store in pairs of 2! Each one has 8-10 papers, and 16-20 elements, as well as an alpha!!

So, rush on over to get Santa's Digi Express at Designs In Digital!! Be sure to get there before November 16, when the price will be raised!! Right now, you can grab all 35 downloads of this amazing Grab Bag for just $3.50!!

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Oh! And, if that pitch wasn't enough to make you want to buy it, check out the piece that Day from Day's Digi Designs and I put together for you!! :D
You'll get all of this:

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Plus this alpha:

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AS WELL AS 7 MORE cute little collabs for just $3.50 until November 16!!


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