Friday, August 1, 2008

HOLY Canoli!!

So, I'm spazzing out, because my Traveling Man Freebie is the Number 2 product at Designs In Digital!! :D That is good stuff!! I'm moving up in the world!!

The last time our numbers were posted I was in 6th place in the contest, but Traveling Man being the number 2 product means I am leading for this week, which is groovy!!

They say there will be more than 3 winners, so, I just got to get up there in the top 4 or so, cuz I REALLY want to sell kits at DID!! :D

And, I needed to brag just a little... Progress on the Scrap For Hire Job: 8 out of 20 pages done!!

It's been a busy day!! I also went to Walmart and got everything we need for Rachel's big party except the food, LOL...

Thanks for stopping by!!

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