Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Sneak Peek!!

Well!! On the off chance that anyone is reading this thing, and is interested or wondering what I am going to do for week 4 in the midst of my major creative craziness... I hit a major slump today, I couldn't design anything, it was horrible!! I had to go to Stampendous and pick up some gallon cans for Candy Cuteness so at least I did have one thing I could get done without trying to design something...

SO, I went to Stampendous, got the cans, came back, went to the paper store for a box and some bubble wrap. Still wasn't feeling very "designy"... But, in the parking lot as we were waiting for traffic to clear, what happens but an EARTHQUAKE!! It felt like two football players hopped on the back bumper of the car and started jumping up and down. It was very exciting!

Still, I wasn't feeling very "designy" so we went and hung out with Donna (our friend from church) at Woody's Do It Yourself Doggie Wash (she owns it)! It was SUPER FUN!! And, we stayed ALL AFTERNOON!! oops. So, we picked up Rachel, bought all kinds of inspirational foods at the grocery store, gorged ourselves on taquitos, guacamole, and tuxedo cake while watching Greys on DVD and then The Secret Life of the American Teenager (JUST TELL YOUR PARENTS ALREADY FOR HEAVENS SAKE!!)...

And, then I felt "designy" so here it is, a sneak peek at what I'm doing for week 4 of the contest, lol...
Image Hosted by

WOW!! That was a lot of explanation for such a small peek, huh?? LOL

S4Hire Job Progress finished 0 pages out of 20 tomorrow is going to be a very busy day!! It's my week to design Wrappers for the AliSarah Design Club, lol... Yep Busy Busy Day ahead!!

Thanks for looking!!

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