Thursday, July 10, 2008

ADSR Challenge 5!!

Well, here's my layout for challenge 5, it wasn't doing for me like I wanted it to, I don't know why... I am making friends with my tablet though and used it to do the journaling in a very sloppy version of my own handwriting!

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For this one, I just wanted to interview my computer and find out what she thinks of the other "folks" in her working environment!!
She says:
File Cab is kewl but she lives far so we don't get to talk that much, sniff.
HP is pretty ok but we aren't as close as we were before I met OKI.
That's me!
Bulletin Board thinks she knows everything and she hangs out with Norton, ICK...
OKI is my best friend, He Rules! MUAH
Bamboo is too new to be sure about yet!

But I should add that bamboo did help me make the journaling look just so, lol...

Lots of credits for this one!
Template is Blocks by Amanda Lee at Polka Dot Potato, Background is from Dan Morris Digital, Post It and Legal paper by JanniScrap Designs, Parchment misc. papers by Cindy Doerksen, All Torn Up by Vickie F at DigiScrapShak, Element Template by Helena Monteiro, kiss from the Love Kit at Scrapbook Bytes.

Here's my second shot at Challenge 5, with some actual questions included this time...

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On the yellow letter: (questions)
Dear SarahsFrontRig,
Thank you for your recent inquiry. In order to consider you for an (oops, typo, lol) our grand prize, we would like you to answer the following additional questions! 1. How did you meet this OKI? 2. Why do you dislike this bulletin board so much? 3. Has bamboo been able to prove him/herself? 4. Why do you deserve to win the grand prize? Our deadline is approaching rapidly so please send your responses ASAP! Sincerely, NDISB Magazine

On the white letter: (answers)
Wow! I can't believe you are even still considering me since the competition is all so amazing! To answer your questions: I met OKI the same way every computer meets her printer- Someone plugged him into my network and we got friendly Bulletin Board is hard to like because she is just so informed on EVERY thing. She knows who everyone is, who sent what card or pic, and when all the bills are due. I have 3 hard drives with 469 GB of memory total, and I don't know half of that. I might be a little jealous. Bamboo is pretty happy here and I think we are all happy with what we've learned to use her for so far! I guess if I have to say why I deserve to win, it is because I work 16 hour days with a smile on my face and only take a break to restart on Tuesdays. And, I do only personal stuff on Sundays! I am a constant companion to my operator, offering support, music, and friendship for all of her home based business computing needs! ~SarahsFrontRig~

Whew!! I think this page is much better than the other one anyway! I used my ADSR prizes to create this page, Lucky O from Oscraps, and a template from Digital Scrapbooking Classes which I got with my gift certificate! I also stuck with a yellow notepad looking paper from JanniScrap Designs, and got the stitches to tie on my decorative tag from the July Mega Kit from Scrappin Freestyle. The white letter is a scan of notebook paper with my writing upon it.

Overall, I hope everyone will agree this page turned out much more beautiful than the other.


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