Thursday, July 10, 2008

ADSR Challenge 3!!

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Here's my entry for Challenge 3!! Wow, this one was super hard. It isn't easy to create a page about yourself and write all over it!! It was tough to stay on track and not talk about other people instead of myself... But, I had a super fun time with it! By Friday of last week, I was sad there wasn't a challenge to get started on, it's a little scary because when the race is over, I'll have to go searching around for challenges, lol...

*Papers from the Love Kit, January Collab at Scrapbook Bytes!
* I also used a piece from All Torn Up by Vickie Fernandez, available at DigiScrapShak!
* Alphabet available at AliSarah Designs!

Journaling Reads:
Always layghing! I find a joke in most anything, it doesn’t matter what it is, I can probably think it is funny. I can’t help it.
Big Heart, I’m a sucker for all things helpless, especially dogs I can adopt at the shelter!
Constantly Creating, I am always painting, drawing, digiscrapping, candywrapping, you name it... I love to create things and make something where there was nothing before.
Dog Loving, did I already mention that?
Energetic, I’m the crazy lady who’s always running full speed ahead toward the next thing.
Fun to be around, or at least my friends and kids say so...
Grounded in Faith, I am a Bible-Believing Christian.
Helps Others, I spend hours on my computer and irl helping folks however I can.
In Love With Digi-Scrapping. I know it could just be my next phase but I don’t think it is, I totally love it more than anything I have tried so far. Most every day, I learn to do something new, and thank God above that my huband lets me indulge myself in this fun pastime!
Just a little distractable, I think I might have adult onset ADD, lol...
Killer cook and baker, I collect fancy bundt pans and love to use them to make fancy cakes whenever I can find an excuse.
Lover of Movies, Oh, I love movies, my husband and I have this in common, we love to watch them quote them, and learn about them. We have a HUGE collection of movies!!
Many Faults! Like most of us, I have faults too numerous to mention and I’m painfully aware of them.
Never give in/up. I’ve never been one to quit, I just can’t bring myself to do it.
Obstinate & stubborn... It’s part of the never giving up.
Pen & Ink Drawings/Paintings Some of the art I am most proud of creating has been done in acrylic paint or drip & draw ink.
Queen of my own little realm.
Rachel’s Mommy.
Singer of songs.
Teacher of all things Science, Computers, Theatre... I have a substitute teaching permit and a BA in Theatre.
Unbelievably hard on myself. Like most of us, I see my own worst faults best.
Voyages to the Carribean and Alaska have made me into a lady who loves to cruise, and who wants to see anywhere a cruise boat can go.
Wife of Christopher.
eXcitable!! I get carried away in things, and I kind of like that about myself these days.
You wouldn’t believe some of the crazy things I have done, so I won’t even write them.
ZZZzzzz I can sleep anywhere if I am tired, no matter how loud it is or what is going on! Oh my gosh! I left so much stuff out, I can’t believe it! I have a tattoo, and green eyes! I miss my mommy who passed away two years ago. I drive a minivan and I love it! I’m shocked that I love it but I do. I met my husband when we were both in the fifth grade. My step-daughter from my first marriage lives with us!
I’m out of space on this page, I did it! I filled it up!! YAY!! Wow!!

This layout was completed on March 3, 2008!


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